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3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Increase Event Registration

LinkedIn boasts over 500 million users, yet most planners forget about this professionally-oriented platform when marketing their events. This social network is perfect for promoting professional events (like the 14 events we host on SignMeUp's online event registration system each year) and social events alike. LinkedIn users tend to be wealthier than the users on … Continue reading 3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Increase Event Registration

Emergency Planning for Race Directors

When Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast in 2012, one of my first thoughts after checking on my New Jersey family and friends was, “what is the New York Marathon going to do?”  Seeing photos of the debris in the streets made it difficult to imagine anyone running a marathon in those conditions. Ultimately, however, the marathon would “go … Continue reading Emergency Planning for Race Directors

Lessons from an All Nighter

Two tanks of gas:  $115.00.  Four cases of Gatorade:  $52.00.  Forty-eight endurance bars:  $44.00.  Six guys running 96 miles overnight from Enchanted Rock to Austin:  priceless! Last April I stepped outside my comfort zone to participate in the Run to the Sun Relay, which was started in 2011 as a fundraiser for Beyond Batten Disease … Continue reading Lessons from an All Nighter

5 Tips for Successful Race Timing

5 Tips for Successful Race Timing

If you organize participatory sports events, you've probably hired a timing company.  Most timing companies such as ours, Classic Race Management, offer a wide variety of services depending on your needs, from bare bones timing to full-service event management.  Regardless of your level of engagement, here are five steps you can take to ensure a smooth … Continue reading 5 Tips for Successful Race Timing

Event Management: Five Tips for Starting Fresh

Andrew Wonders is Event Manager for Mudathlon and many other events, and a long time SignMeUp online registration customer. In 2009, a group of organizers that traditionally had focused on marathons and half marathons was looking to expand its scope and put together a different and unique event.  After many potential versions, we settled on … Continue reading Event Management: Five Tips for Starting Fresh