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5 Tips for Building Better Online Registration Forms

SignMeUp’s Support Department has helped hundreds of clients create countless online event registration forms.  Some clients easily create terrific forms while others feel stressed about the whole process.   To help make the experience painless, here is some advice on successful form building. 1. Save time. Copy your forms. If you have published a similar form, … Continue reading 5 Tips for Building Better Online Registration Forms

5 Race Director Mistakes That Hurt Participants

One of the favorite parts of my job as the IT director of the Chicago Marathon was being at the finish line. I helped certify three world marathon records during the time I worked on the event (1997–2003). I also was there as the last finishers crossed the line. "Harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of … Continue reading 5 Race Director Mistakes That Hurt Participants

Registration Resolutions

Now that it’s January, I thought it appropriate to suggest some New Year’s “online registration” resolutions.  I promise these aren’t nearly as difficult as losing 20 pounds.  Plus, implementing them just might get more registrations for your event. Promote your event on social media, and motivate registrants to do the same.  You can post your … Continue reading Registration Resolutions

Event Sponsorship: The Inside Scoop

Several of my SignMeUp colleagues and I recently attended The Running Event in Austin, TX.  The three days were packed full of workshops and presentations, as well as a huge product expo and a particularly intimidating 5K run (the winning time was 14:23 – a 4:38 pace – and the top 11 finishers  were all … Continue reading Event Sponsorship: The Inside Scoop

Why Races Should Partner with Local Running Retailers

If you organize a running event, it’s likely that you have a relationship with an independently owned specialty running store.  Local running stores provide sponsorship, promotion and technical advice to countless events across the country.  With Black Friday coming and Small Business Saturday the following day, you have a terrific opportunity to support your running … Continue reading Why Races Should Partner with Local Running Retailers

Emergency Planning for Race Directors

When Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast in 2012, one of my first thoughts after checking on my New Jersey family and friends was, “what is the New York Marathon going to do?”  Seeing photos of the debris in the streets made it difficult to imagine anyone running a marathon in those conditions. Ultimately, however, the marathon would “go … Continue reading Emergency Planning for Race Directors