Author: Diane Goldring

5 Email Marketing Tips for Events

5 Email Marketing Tips for Events

Email is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to publicize your event and its online registration page.  However, considering the volume of email we all receive on a daily basis, is it really effective? The answer is yes, provided you follow some simple steps. To increase the chances your email will be delivered … Continue reading 5 Email Marketing Tips for Events

3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Increase Event Registration

LinkedIn boasts over 500 million users, yet most planners forget about this professionally-oriented platform when marketing their events. This social network is perfect for promoting professional events (like the 14 events we host on SignMeUp's online event registration system each year) and social events alike. LinkedIn users tend to be wealthier than the users on … Continue reading 3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Increase Event Registration

Registration Resolutions

Now that it’s January, I thought it appropriate to suggest some New Year’s “online registration” resolutions.  I promise these aren’t nearly as difficult as losing 20 pounds.  Plus, implementing them just might get more registrations for your event. Promote your event on social media, and motivate registrants to do the same.  You can post your … Continue reading Registration Resolutions

Event Sponsorship: The Inside Scoop

Several of my SignMeUp colleagues and I recently attended The Running Event in Austin, TX.  The three days were packed full of workshops and presentations, as well as a huge product expo and a particularly intimidating 5K run (the winning time was 14:23 – a 4:38 pace – and the top 11 finishers  were all … Continue reading Event Sponsorship: The Inside Scoop

Why Races Should Partner with Local Running Retailers

If you organize a running event, it’s likely that you have a relationship with an independently owned specialty running store.  Local running stores provide sponsorship, promotion and technical advice to countless events across the country.  With Black Friday coming and Small Business Saturday the following day, you have a terrific opportunity to support your running … Continue reading Why Races Should Partner with Local Running Retailers

Emergency Planning for Race Directors

When Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast in 2012, one of my first thoughts after checking on my New Jersey family and friends was, “what is the New York Marathon going to do?”  Seeing photos of the debris in the streets made it difficult to imagine anyone running a marathon in those conditions. Ultimately, however, the marathon would “go … Continue reading Emergency Planning for Race Directors

Gurus Get Social

Although the word “social” is somewhat overused of late, I had to pay attention when five running legends discussed the transformation of running from a solo sport to a social activity.  The panel included Bill Rodgers, Amby Burfoot and Jeff Galloway, NW Runner Magazine editor Heather Romano, and Marathon and Beyond editor Rich Benyo.  They were … Continue reading Gurus Get Social

Passion Shared: A Run Across America

File this article under why I love to work at SignMeUp.  I called Chris Nicholas, North Country Run’s event director, to discuss an online registration-related issue.  As we were talking about his event, Chris told me that between March and June 2012, he ran solo from the White House to Santa Monica, California.  What’s more, this … Continue reading Passion Shared: A Run Across America

An Online Registration Tool to Save You Time

Recently a number of our clients have asked how they will know when someone registers online for their events.  Do we send an email to the administrator each time someone new registers?  For a number of reasons, we do not.  We do, however, offer what we think is a better solution: the Snapshot Widget.  SignMeUp’s … Continue reading An Online Registration Tool to Save You Time

Enhancing Online Registration Security: 3 Simple Tips

After the recent Zappos security breach, in which hackers gained access to the personal information of 24 million Zappos customers (of which I am one), many articles were published on how to protect your online data.  Being in the business of online registration and credit card processing, SignMeUp obsesses over security.  However, many common security violations … Continue reading Enhancing Online Registration Security: 3 Simple Tips