How to Rebound After a Delayed or Canceled Event

We know times feel uncertain for many organizations as people make the difficult decisions to delay or cancel events they’ve been planning for months. Although it’s easy to slip into “survival mode”, there are many reasons to reach out to your audience and keep them informed about your event. Luckily, consumers are more supportive than ever before, expressing gratitude for those organizations and companies that seek to do what’s best for all. 

Now is the time to reach out with powerful messaging that will inspire your brand advocates to show up to your next event!

Inform Your Attendees

To start, don’t shy away from transparent and authentic messaging. Your followers will appreciate the honesty and inevitably feel more committed to helping your mission. Let them know what changes are happening, which events are impacted, and what hurdles may lie ahead. More than that, loop them in on the exciting things you aim to achieve as you rebound through the coming months. Now is a better time than ever to ask for volunteers (even if they may not get assignments just yet). 

Offer Registration Options

If already registered, your attendees will want some information on what will happen to their registration. Let them know if you’re offering refunds or credits for a future event, or leaving it up to each attendee to decide. For those few that do insist on a refund, consider issuing it even if you have a “no refund” policy.  Otherwise, they could dispute the charge with their credit card company. A chargeback will cost you the entire amount plus additional bank fees.  Unfortunately, credit card companies rarely honor no refund policies in these circumstances. You can also consider offering a discount or creative bonus to new attendees who show support and sign up for another event months in advance. 

Always Be Consistent

Whether you choose to communicate with your attendees via email, social media, or your website will depend on which platform gives you the largest access point to your audience. Just make sure the messaging is consistent across channels so everyone is on the same page. 

A delayed or canceled event may not be ideal, but when it comes to your followers, they’re often always more supportive than critical. Encourage that support by looping them in on news and updates and letting them be the first to know when your event is back on track!


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