Creating the Content That Your Attendees Need 

When it comes to offering event attendees and brand fans event information, most organizers have their best practices locked down. However, supplemental and complementary content is just as important when it comes to keeping the attention of your audience well before (and long after) your race or event is over. Every brand has their favorite way of communicating with their audience. Whether you prefer social media platforms or prefer personalized emails is up to you, as long as your content is clear and worthwhile. 

Content that speaks to your industry as a whole, instead of focusing just on your event, will also help establish your brand’s credibility as an authority in your field. Read on to get a few ideas on how to incorporate new material into your marketing strategy – and keep the attention of your fans!


Tips & Tutorials

Are you hosting a cross-country race in the spring? Compile and share lists of your favorite lightweight running attire, best workouts to build endurance or a guide on trail-training for beginners. Send out a checklist of must-haves when shopping for the right running shoe. You’ll find it easier to narrow your content down the more you know about your audience. 


Case Studies

People relate to stories that inspire them and show the human side of people who do incredible things. Interview some of your favorite attendees and create a story arc about what got them into your event, how they trained or prepared for it, and why they find it gratifying. Sharing their success stories will motivate other attendees to push themselves toward greatness. 


Infographics & History

Infographics are a great way to detail out a concept or timeline without losing a reader’s attention. You can make an infographic using an online tool like Canva. An organization that puts on mud runs could create an infographic on the history of mud runs, where they originated, and the benefits of being outdoors or even some interesting info about mud in general! Keep it colorful, engaging, and make sure to include a few “fun facts”. 



To further establish your brand as an authority in its industry, consider partnering up with complementary companies like local running shops, athletic clubs, or outdoor retailers. Most cross-promotion relationships involve swapping discounts to encourage growth for both organizations. A lesser-known benefit is content-sharing. Consider what marketing materials or messaging your new partner has that would be useful or relevant to your audience, and vice versa. You’ll expand your reach and build a network in the process. 

The best tip for creating great content is to always keep your audience in mind. Think about the information they’d most benefit from, and then get to task on delivering it through any of your marketing channels!


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