Keeping Event Attendees Informed During The Off-Season

While some organizations run events year-round, others operate on a much more narrow schedule. Many event organizers will spend months planning for a single annual race or coordinating several events into a small seasonal window. While each strategy has its own set of pros and cons, it’s not atypical for organizations to lose a little face-time with their participants if they have a longer off-season. 

To help seal the gap and keep your customers focused on your mission – and interested in your upcoming events – follow the simple steps below to stay in touch year-round. 



Email is the easiest way to reach your customers directly in the off-season. Email strategy is an often overlooked way to simplify your communication efforts while providing your brand base important updates. Plan on sending one email a month if you have a lot to share, or perhaps an email every six weeks to keep your fans engaged. Make things easier for your team by spending half of a day writing up your off-season emails in advance, leaving space to fill in specific details as they arise. 


Social Media

Staying relevant on social media is crucial to develop a consistent following and brand credibility. Even one post a week for a year is enough to fill up an Instagram page or backlog your Facebook feed with updates and information. A potential registrant shopping around for events won’t get the best impression if they land on an outdated social page. Post organization news, pictures, flashbacks to past events, and memes!


Direct Mail

The cost of direct mail may be offset by the impact it has on your audience. In a world where inboxes are flooded with advertisements, subscription reminders, and spam, direct mail is a surefire way to stand out. Using a service like Vistaprint, design a customized postcard that lets your customers know what you’ve been up to and what’s in the works for the upcoming season. Tack on a discount or promo offer they can use when registration time comes to up the likelihood they’ll keep your mailer around – and tell others about it. 



Although your organization may not be in the position to host events yearlong, there are some easy ways to support your community and get back in front of your fans. Sponsorships are a great way to attach your name to a cause that aligns with your mission and keep your brand name relevant. Consider networking at local trade shows or volunteering at an event that your customer base typically attends. 


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