The Do’s of Social Media Event Promotions

There’s no better time than the beginning of the year to hash out a new event promotion strategy. Social media might seem like an obvious choice, but surprisingly, not every organization is making use of these powerful (and free) tools. Find a few social media platforms that will best help you promote your mission, and start connecting and engaging with your audience!

Read on for a few social media must-do’s to make your event promotion a success!


Do: Create an Awesome Graphic

Many social media accounts thrive with their combination of graphics and creative text. If you’re promoting an event, you’ll want to have an inspired, informational graphic you can share with your audience. There are free online tools you can use, like Canva, that offer a library of graphics, fonts, and templates designed for social media to help you get started. Make sure your graphic represents your brand and includes a few major event details. It doesn’t hurt to create a few complementary designs to give your audience some variety. 


Do: Engage with Your Audience

Brands that harness the powers of engagement on social media tend to have larger audiences and better-performing posts. It’s easy to set up a post that broadcasts your event details, but it does little to encourage your audience to respond. Audience engagement plays a big role in how many people see your post. Social media platforms favor posts that perform well. So start off on the right foot with content that provokes, invites, or sparks discussion! It will reach more people and your brand will get that much more recognition. 


Do: Countdown to Your Event

Once you’ve gained a bit of a following, keep your audience in the know about upcoming events. An event countdown is a simple way to motivate last-minute registrations. Start your countdown about a month or so before your event and create fun, new graphics from the same branded template as above. Some platforms let you schedule posts in advance; consider posting content at the one-month mark and every week after that leading up to your event. If you’re feeling generous and want to inspire a few undecided participants, offer a last-minute special during those final few weeks!


Social media event promotions are a great way to spread awareness of your brand and secure more fans – and event registrations. Start the conversation with your audience today!


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