Annual Goal Setting Tips for Event Organizers

As another New Year’s Eve comes and goes, we all start to buckle down and think about what we want to focus on during the next calendar year and the results we’d like to see come from our efforts. It’s a great time for event planners, organizers, and managers to do a thorough audit of the previous year and set some serious goals for the next.

The following tips will enhance your yearly planning sessions, increase the likelihood that you hit your important benchmarks, and inspire you to think BIG!


  1. Write Down Your Goals

It’s been said that people who indulge in the simple act of putting pen to paper and creating a physical record of their goals are more inclined to achieve them than those who don’t. A written set of goals is different from the dreams we have in our minds because, once recorded, they become action items – we can no longer find a reason to push them aside as readily. Plus, the act of writing a goal down is a mental reinforcement that you believe it’s possible to achieve it, which is a huge part of the process. Lastly, a compiled list of goals can serve as an accountability document. Plug a reminder in your calendar to revisit your goal sheet on the first of each month, noting progress and obstacles along the way. 


  1. Think Long Term

The best way to ensure you have a great year of events, outreach, and fundraising is to think long-term. Too often we make decisions based on what isn’t working or what feels urgent at the time, instead of focusing on the overall mission of the organization. On your goal sheet, set some overarching goals for the year that can only be accomplished with the help of smaller goals throughout the months. This strategy will add some cohesion and consistency to your event organization plans and keep you focused on the big picture. 


  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Think Big

Although it can feel a little intimidating writing down goals that seem unattainable, it’s an important practice in training your mind to think beyond the current performance of your company or organization. What’s next? If you’ve held an annual event for three years straight and you’re just breaking past the previous years’ performance, what can you do to boost your registrations, fundraising, or social media reach even more? Think of every event or outreach effort as an opportunity to set a new high bar. You’ll be ahead of the game if you focus less on “good enough” and more on “let’s be the best”. 

Don’t worry, either, if you have to make adjustments to your goals as you move through the year, gather more information, and take stock of your resources. Writing your goals down is the first step toward a more organized and fulfilling year of events!


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