After the Event: 5 Reasons Why You Should Send A Follow-Up Email

For many event managers, the post-event follow up can prove just as valuable as the marketing, promotions, and outreach leading up to it. A well-executed follow-up plan not only engages and informs your attendees, but it creates an intentional, ongoing relationship which both parties can benefit greatly from. The easiest, fastest, and most personal way to reach your attendees is to set up an email campaign that runs automatically after an event. 

Read on for five reasons why a solid follow-up plan is a must to include in your event marketing strategy!


Shows Appreciation

The first email you send should include a nice display of appreciation. Thank your registrant for attending and share with them how their attendance helped the overall success of the event. Make them feel like a valuable member of your community no matter what their role in your cause was. 


Keeps Guest In the Loop

After an event, attendees part ways and go back to their routines, making it difficult for them to hunt out information about the success of the event or attendee performance. Preempt their curiosity by providing a brief play-by-play on went well. You can also share details about your organization or association’s mission and goals for the next few months. Done well, this will leave your readers feeling more connected to your brand.  


Encourages Feedback

The third reason follow-up emails are so important is that they open a window for more direct and personal communication. In your email, you can include a section that asks attendees for their feedback. Keep it vague with a simple request at the bottom of your email or embed an entire survey. Either way, you’ll get important feedback that will help you optimize future events. 


Showcases Upcoming Events

Follow-up campaigns are a great way to keep a highly-engaged audience updated on upcoming events, fundraisers, meetings, and more. Include save-the-date reminders and links to additional event details. Consider highlighting events that your readers will feel most inclined to participate in. 


Increases Chances of Retention 

Lastly, a thoughtful, well-intended follow-up email will increase the likelihood that a former event participant becomes a regular attendee. Convenience is the key to encouraging a prospective registrant to sign up. The ideal follow-up email will bundle together the right materials to make it easy for your readers to say “yes” to your next event!


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