Two Things Your Event Registration Software Must Have

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and move your event registration efforts into the digital sphere. In addition to SignMeUp, there are many options on the market that tout features that make event registration management easy. It can be easy to believe that they all offer the same benefits and features. Of course, that’s not the case. SignMeUp has a suite of features designed to remove the headache from event registration while enabling outreach, promotional efforts, and more.

When we talk to people looking for a comprehensive solution, we advocate for the two above-and-beyond benefits we know have made a great deal of difference in our clients’ quest for seamless event registration. Read on to see what these benefits are and how they impact our users.


Expert Support

SignMeUp has long taken pride in the expert customer support we offer to our customers. Not only is our support fast, responsive, and knowledgeable, we’re also friendly and care about the experience our customers have with our software. To top it off, support is available year-round at no additional cost. This benefit stands above other registration companies who don’t make customer care easily accessible or charge a fee to clients who contact support too often. 

Our customers have expressed how helpful it is to have hands-on support as they get to know our software or have specific questions to ask about their unique event needs. Without a solid support solution, the user experience can be frustrating and unnecessarily challenging. 


Industry Experience

In addition to our highly-rated support team, we also have over two decades of experience in the event registration industry. This is important in a day when software companies are churning out new products to meet consumer demand without a genuine understanding of what their users need. SignMeUp has been in business since 1998. That means we’ve had 21 years of observations, experience, and trouble-shooting to evolve our software into a solution that works best for our customers. 

If you’re in the market for an event registration software that is built for your needs, you’ll want to prioritize these two benefits when shopping around. To hear more about how SignMeUp’s industry expertise and winning support can help you run your best events ever, just click the link below!


Interested in seeing what your event or activity could look like on our platform? Request a FREE, NO obligation Demo! 

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