Why You Need a Post-Event Satisfaction Survey (and 3 Things to Ask!)

Satisfaction surveys are the best way to gather valuable feedback from the perspective that matters most: that of your audience. Without a proper survey to follow up on the event you’ve likely spent months planning, it’s nearly impossible to accurately gauge its success, pain points, and room-for-improvements. 

Get Organized

Although you may have had a few in-person chats with attendees at the event, a survey is a lowkey and low maintenance way to continue that conversation. In your quest for open and honest feedback on your event, you can ask attendees for feedback on almost… anything. 

Mix it up and make your survey easy to complete with a variety of open-ended questions alongside fill-in-the-blank or agree/disagree options. A satisfaction survey shouldn’t take longer than five minutes to complete.   

Keep it Simple

Although your options are endless, below are three topics we think every post-event satisfaction survey should explore.

  1. What was your favorite part of this event? What’s something you’d like us to consider for the future?
  2. Was there any information before the event that you found especially helpful? Did we miss anything that would have made it easier for you to plan your attendance?
  3. Overall, how likely are you to recommend this event to a friend? Why or why not?

This third question is a great way to vet which of your attendees will make great word-of-mouth referrals. You can pool all email addresses who answered in the affirmative and put them in a separate campaign that encourages them to share events with friends, offering special offers and discounts if they do. 

Gain Valuable Insight

These three prompts will give you greater insight into the experience your attendees had. Sending a simple email broadcast right from the SignMeUp dashboard is a great place to wade into satisfaction surveys. Or, as mentioned above, you can rework the prompts to have multiple choice or true/false responses to make for easier completion. If needed, we can recommend an advanced email platform that will work best for you and alongside SignMeUp.  


Interested in seeing what your event or activity could look like on our platform? Request a FREE, NO obligation Demo! 


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