How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Event

YouTube is a tried-and-trusted marketing tool across dozens of industries.  With the right video content, YouTube can have a significant impact on your brand visibility and awareness thus increasing registrations over time. These days, people respond best to relevant and shareable content that they can digest quickly. Best of all, with the rise of video-sharing apps, consumers are beginning to prioritize high-relatability over high-quality. So if you’re not a professional videographer, have no fear, YouTube is still a worthwhile marketing option to explore. 

Below are some considerations to keep in mind as you consider how video content can help you promote your event online. 


Aim for Shareable Content

Sometimes the most unrelated things can work together to enhance brand visibility. When it comes to video marketing, success is often found when creators put together content that their audience will want to share. Unless you’re a household brand name, it’s unlikely that content only about your brand will have a large enough viral impact. In this case, make use of trending themes, memes, and topics to engage a bigger audience. If laughing cat videos are the thing, find a way to loop them into your brand’s message to ensure people won’t just watch but share your videos, too. 


Give Your Audience The Right Information

As we mentioned, most YouTube video content is easy to digest. This means that the videos are either short, sweet, and to the point, or engaging enough to capture the audience for the duration. To successfully promote your event online, you’ll want to find the sweet spot that intersects the quality of a message with its length of time. Consider your audience: do they have time for a ten-minute video overviewing your most popular race or do they need all of their information in under three minutes? 


Create a Cohesive Channel

As you start posting videos to your organization’s YouTube channel, you’ll be creating a vault of content that anyone can access at any time. This is great news not only for SEO but because it serves as a library of information that your potential registrants can view as they’re learning about your brand. Keep this in mind to avoid posting redundant or conflicting content. You can also strategize your videos ahead of time and publish them as a series. No matter how you organize and collate your videos, you’ll want to further promote your event online by sharing your videos across all social media channels. 

What are you waiting for? Change the way you market your next event with your first ever YouTube video. You’ll reach a larger audience, promote the content that matters to your brand, and create a vault of valuable information!  

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