These Common Mistakes Could Cost You Event Registrations

The process of setting up a successful event registration flow can seem overwhelming even for seasoned event organizers. The main indicator of success for most event organizers is whether or not they’ve reached their registration numbers. There are quite a few factors in play that can assist you in achieving your own goals. Unfortunately, not every event organizer is optimizing the most important areas of their registration processes. 

Read on for the three common mistakes that can cost you event registrations – and tips to help you avoid them! 

Unclear Information

One of the most common reasons a potential registrant doesn’t register for an event is often due to unclear or missing information. Make the process of understanding your organization’s mission for the event easy for visitors. People who are not yet invested are unlikely to make the effort of calling or emailing to request information that should be clearly stated. 

Make sure your registration pages include the location of your event, date and time of the event, and the purpose of the event. In other words, follow the “who, what, where, when, and why” guideline. Give your future attendees all of the information they need to make an educated decision without unnecessarily overwhelming them. You’ll increase registrations as you make visitors feel confident in your professionalism, credibility, and mission!

Unavailable Support

Another common reason event organizers can miss out on additional event registrations is due to a lack of customer support. Contact information should be readily available on your event webpage with the expectation that some people will need to make use of it before they register. 

If a pre-registrant is unable to contact (or hear back from) the organization or group hosting the event, it’s likely they won’t pursue registration. To prevent this from happening with your own event, dedicate one or two volunteers or staff to be in charge of registrant inquiries. If you don’t have the manpower, set some time aside to, at the least, create a few canned responses you can quickly send out to bide some time until you’re available to offer a customized response. 

Unresponsive Forms

The amount of people using cell phones and tablets over a desktop computer continues to increase every year. Doing business and making plans on mobile devices isn’t the exception anymore, it’s the norm. So, if a potential registrant is viewing your event on their mobile device and some information isn’t displayed or cuts off entirely, it’s a check against your brand’s professionalism. Stressful-to-navigate forms can impact whether or not someone chooses to complete them.  

Optimizing your event registration forms for various devices is easy with SignMeUp’s responsive forms feature. You can rest assured that every visitor to your form will see the same information, laid out in your preferred format. Responsive forms ensure a smooth, frustration-free registration process for every attendee, no matter where they are. 

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