The Best Ways to Use Volunteers at Your Outdoor Event

If you’ve landed yourself a great team of volunteers for your next outdoor event, it’s time to put them to work! Outdoor events differ from events held at indoor venues in that they often require more coordination, tighter crowd control, and clearer directions for attendees. Volunteers can help you or your admin team make contact with your registrants and promote a fun event all while managing operations on the backend, too. 

Read on for inspiration on how to optimize your volunteer efforts at your next outdoor event!


Greeting is a great job for volunteers who know a good deal about your event and the mission of your organization. Place greeters at entrance points to your event so they can serve as guides letting registrants know what’s in store and where to head next. Greeters will be the first faces attendees associate with your event so friendliness is key! You can also stage greeters at the event’s exit. They’ll be the last point of contact as people leave, answering additional questions and letting people know how to sign up for your next event. 

Crowd Control 

If you’ve ever managed an outdoor event in the past you know how important crowd management and control is. In most cases, it’s up to the event management team to establish clear entrance and exit points so that people naturally funnel in the right direction. Volunteers can help set up traffic cones, rope off out-of-bound areas, and physically guide people in the right direction as needed. People tend to feel stressed when they’re unsure of where to go and when, so having a team to streamline this effort is important. 


Find a few volunteers to run your check-in booth so that you’re not tied down to one space for the entire event. Before the event, train them up on the check-in process, from handling day-of registrations to updating contact information. Even a small team of volunteers will make a huge impact on how seamless the check-in process appears to registrants. Attendees should see that you’re organized and have the bandwidth to accommodate unexpected requests or situations. 

Brand Celebration

Now that you’ve officially matched many of your volunteers to your most pressing needs, it’s time to have some fun! Put a few “brand celebration” volunteers in charge of motivating the crowds and encouraging team spirit. Arm them with swag, such as branded sweatbands or t-shirts, and send them out to get people amped for the day ahead. If you don’t have an overhead sound system, have your volunteers play music from portable speakers to get people excited. The main goal is to remind your registrants why they signed up to participate and to make it easy for them to return!

There are a ton of ways to make use of your volunteers. Just like SignMeUp keeps you organized before your event, a well-thought out plan for your volunteers will guarantee you’re organized on the day of your event, too!


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