The 4 Emails You Should Be Sending to Your Event Attendees

When it comes to event marketing, consistent and relevant email communication should be at the top of every event organizer’s list. While there are many ways to collect emails and create an email campaign for those still in your sales funnel, it’s equally, if not more, important to extend information to those who have registered. The happiest attendees are the most informed; they know just what to expect and arrive at your event feeling prepared and ready to have fun!


Below are four emails every event organizer should be sending to their registrants! 


1. Registration Confirmation

The first email out to your event attendees after they register should be a ticket or registration confirmation. Structured more like a receipt, you’ll want this email to be brief. Offer a copy of their payment for their records and include main event details like location, date, and time. You can also offer contact information like your organization’s email, phone number, and website for their reference. 


Keep them aware of what to expect next by letting them know a second email with more detailed information is heading their way!


2. Welcome Kit | Resources

A proper welcome email is a must-send for serious event organizers. This email intends to expand on the basic information a registrant could find on your website or in the confirmation email. This is a great opportunity to showcase the event’s mission and extend thanks to the registrant for their support!


If your website does have a great deal of information for public view, share the most relevant links with new event attendees. You can also include links to partner organizations or sponsors. Lastly, make sure each registrant knows what to expect. Include directions, parking details, weather expectations, food and beverage rules, and other guidelines.


The welcome email is a perfect opportunity to showcase any items you have for sale, too!


3. Friendly Reminder

The excitement that accompanies a race or event sign-up usually ebbs and flows up until event day. Registrants are busy juggling the daily to-dos of their lives and not everyone runs by way of calendars and alarms. Sending a reminder email a week before your event will increase the likelihood that your attendees turn out as expected. If you can, send the reminder with an option for each attendee to add the event to their calendar with the simple click of a button. 


If any details about your event have changed, now is the time to let your participants know!


4. The Follow-Up 

The follow-up email is the most important email of the four when it comes to event attendee retention. The more communicative you are after an event the easier it is to capture feedback, share news about upcoming events, and secure return registrations.


In your follow up email, share noteworthy event stats, photos, and post-event action items (like asking participants to register for your next 5k). Consider offering a small discount for future events. Openly invite attendees to pass along their feedback and make it easy for them to do so. Any feedback you receive can help inform how you run your next events!


The follow-up email serves as a closure to the event itself but ultimately enhances the opportunity for people to become loyal brand followers. 


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