Tips for Hosting a Successful Summer Event

Summer has officially settled in and is here to stay for a few more months. With summer comes longer days, higher energy levels, and hopefully a great dose of sunshine! While event planning doesn’t always have to follow the seasons, there are a few considerations that should be made for the warmest months of the year – especially if your summer event is outdoors!

Hours Change

Perhaps the best part of summer is the shift in commitment to standard or routine hours. School and colleges are out of session and many adults enjoy summer hours or finally put those vacation days to good use. 

Because the days are longer and warmer, people are more inclined to wake up earlier and stay up later. This is a good opportunity to schedule your summer event during unconventional hours and snag some time in everyone’s busy schedules. A family mud run might be much more refreshing (and unique) if it begins at dawn as the sun comes up, and the late evening could be a perfect host for a short race and cookout. 

The Heat is Real

Offering protection from the elements is always important, but with a supercharged sun, it becomes necessary. If you’re hosting an outdoor event, make sure participants will have access to shelter of some kind, even if it’s as simple as setting up a few tarp canopies. 

Think about providing a water source, or at the least, water bottles for free or for a minimal charge. Let participants know ahead of time if they can bring their own bottles or need to have cash on hand for any purchases. Travel sunscreens and branded visors or sweatbands make for awesomely useful summer event giveaways. 

Energy Runs High

Take advantage of the collective summer energy buzzing in the air. Push participants to channel that energy with bonus courses, team challenges, or themed events (think costumes). Encourage a fun atmosphere with music; if you can’t set up speakers, create a public Spotify playlist to share with participants to get everyone pumped up.

After the event, make it easy for attendees to share their experiences with others. Set up a selfie station with social media hashtags clearly displayed so that participants can search for and engage with one another’s event photos. Summer is the time to get social! Offering an easy way for participants to communicate and bond over their experience will often boost the likelihood they will return to you for a future event.

No matter the kind of your summer event, incorporating even a few seasonal tweaks will provide your attendees with a customized, high-quality experience they’re sure to love!


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