5 Things Every Event Attendee Expects From Their Host

Every event host should be in-the-know about what makes a great event – and what makes participants wish they’d passed. There are some common expectations that every attendee has before, during, and after the event that remain constant regardless of what kind of event you’re hosting. The best event hosts not only understand these expectations but strive to consistently exceed them every time. Read on for some quick tips to keep in mind as you plan your next event!

Smooth, Secure Registration

For an attendee, the registration process is really the best sneak peek into how organized and thoughtful the entire event will be. A messy, slow, or clunky registration process doesn’t just reflect poorly on your organization, it can deter people from the entire event. Use SignMeUp to easily build beautiful forms that steer registrants through a simple, streamlined process.

Important Information

Whether it’s through an FAQ, emails, or social media, keeping participants looped in on important information is key. First, it helps participants feel like they’re a part of the event in the days and weeks leading up to the event. Second, it establishes how much thought you’ve given to your participant’s potential experiences. Lastly, it helps them better prepare! By providing information on weather, time changes, parking, and more you’re removing the burden and stress from the attendees. They’ll save their energy for the event itself!

Sense of Community

Participants often sign up in groups, but there are many solo adventurers who look for excitement all on their own. For an experience that “sticks” for both types of participants, foster a sense of genuine community. You can do this by surrounding your event with volunteers and workers who genuinely love the work they’re doing and represent your organization with a friendly demeanor. Encourage people to mingle with others they don’t know at booths, standing tables, or swag stations. When people feel socially fulfilled at events they’re more inclined to return!

A Takeaway

Sure, swag is awesome. Everyone loves a free t-shirt, bandana, or beer koozie. Mostly, it’s fun to have a token to remember the experience by. If you’re not in a position to offer swag, think of some other fun items you can send home with each guest. Polaroid cameras are always a fun event prop and the photos make for retro keepsakes people are more likely to display somewhere. Offer coupon books to complementary companies in your industry. Or, set up a branded selfie station! Your attendees are bound to share their pics so you’ll get a ton of online traction.

event attendee expectations - have a takeaway for every guest!


Follow Up

Every event organizer should have a strategy for post-event follow up. Follow up is a great way to retain the attention of your audience and push for more engagement in future events. The most personal of online follow up is done through email. Send out race times, share photos, and inform people of upcoming events. If your event did any kind of fundraising, share the goals you met and how you plan on using the generous donations. Include a link to your website or social media so people can stay connected throughout the year!

If you can consistently match your attendees’ expectations, you’ll be sure to see success time and again! For more tips on hosting a successful event, read more on our blog.


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