4 Tips for a More Compelling Event Registration

This year, as you organize the details of your event or race, consider the content you’ll present to prospective registrants. By hosting your registration forms with SignMeUp, you’re already providing your audience with a seamless registration experience. Adding a few extra features to your event’s website can dramatically impact the likelihood of others signing up for your event!


A Frequently Asked Questions feature is still one of the most important segments to have on any website. Pick 5-10 questions that will likely have the most overlap across prospective registrant’s minds. Use this space to preemptively address their concerns, save them a trip to the “Contact Us” tab, and establish your group as an authority in your event arena. Let people know what the best attire for the event is, whether you provide or allow food and drink, how many guests or visitors can attend, and more. FAQs are an awesome way to get your event more exposure through SEO with the use of appropriate keywords.

Event Photos

The proof is in the picture, especially in an online world that thrives on media. Adding pictures to your event site doesn’t have to be complicated; even a small gallery of 3-4 photos is more compelling than none. People are less inclined to buy an experience if they aren’t sure what to expect. Showcase a few top favorites from your last event (get participant permission if needed) to encourage your audience. If this is your first event don’t underestimate the impact of a behind-the-scenes series. You’ll show people how dedicated your team is to bringing value to the participant’s experience.


We always like to recommend a small section, even a line or two, of useful, real-time updates. Keep visitors informed of important changes in weather, venue rules and regulations, or schedule and start time changes. When participants see these updates upon registration, they’ll be motivated to return to your website a few times before the event to check for any news. This will help boost your organic traffic and add good buzz to the search engine crawlers.

Social Tickers

Lastly, one of the best things you can do for your event turnout is to show people how valuable it is in your niche community. An easy way to do this is through a social or participant ticker. At the top of your page, as a line of text within a banner, display a total count of registered participants. Update it as often as necessary for accuracy. If you have Facebook or other social media, display your current following and encourage new participants to follow you. You’ll generate more interest in your event if you inspire a little friendly “FOMO”: Fear of Missing Out on something good!

There you have it! Are you ready to make a positive impact on the overall success of your event? These four changes will take just an hour or two of your time and leave prospective registrants feeling more informed than ever.

Interested in seeing what your event or activity could look like on our platform? Request a FREE no-obligation demo!



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