5 Email Marketing Tips for Events

Woman writing an email to promote an event on a laptop

Email is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to publicize your event and its online registration page.  However, considering the volume of email we all receive on a daily basis, is it really effective? The answer is yes, provided you follow some simple steps. To increase the chances your email will be delivered and read, think about both its structure and its content.

1.  Write a catchy subject line

Your email subject line needs to pique readers’ curiosity about what’s inside. Try writing a compelling question or use an action verb to tell readers what they’ll gain from reading the email. Be precise and accurate.

Example subject lines:

  • Make a splash at our summer event
  • Get 25% off marathon registration
  • Your registration for the Springfield 5K

Avoid overly “salesy” language and formatting that is likely to be caught by spam filters. We recommend against using all caps (example: LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP!) and including both a question mark and an exclamation point in your subject (example: Looking for a fun event? Sign up now!). 

2.  Add relevant images

Images help bring your event to life. Try adding a photo of the previous year’s event, a high-profile participant, or an award recipient. Add your event or organization logo to your signature to brand your emails.

Need some help with your email images? Check out these helpful tools for creating visual content for your campaigns.

3.  Keep it brief

When it comes to email, shorter is better. No need to overload your readers with information they can find elsewhere. Include links to your website and social pages where they can read more.

4.  Include a call to action

You’ve gotten your audience’s attention with an intriguing subject line and interesting content. Now, tell your readers what to do next. Include at least one easily found link to your event registration form and ask people to sign up.

5.  Offer an incentive

Consider offering a discount to register by a certain date.  SignMeUp’s coupon codes are easy to set up and share through email.

Get the word out about your event

SignMeUp’s broadcast email tool makes it simple to communicate with current and prior registrants. With our easy-to-use editor, you can add custom content, links, and images. You can even spiff up your email design with HTML code. What are your secrets to email success?  Share your tips in the comments below.

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Already a SignMeUp customer? Learn how to send a broadcast email for your next event.


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