3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Increase Event Registration

Woman using LinkedIn mobile app
Add LinkedIn to your next event’s social media marketing plan.

LinkedIn boasts over 500 million users, yet most planners forget about this professionally-oriented platform when marketing their events. This social network is perfect for promoting professional events (like the 14 events we host on SignMeUp’s online event registration system each year) and social events alike.

LinkedIn users tend to be wealthier than the users on other social networks. Their financial success makes them more likely to sign up for all kinds of events.

Use these 3 tips to promote your next event on LinkedIn:

1:  Post a LinkedIn status update about your event.

Like Facebook and other social media platforms, LinkedIn allows you to share brief updates with your professional connections. Create a post about your event that includes an eye-catching image and a link to your online registration form. Use compelling copy that gets people interested in the event.  For example, instead of saying Security Seminar, we might say, “Learn Secret Security Tips of Top Hackers.”

2:  Share your event in LinkedIn Groups.

First, join groups that have the demographic members that you want to reach. When the timing is right, share your event in the group announcements. The most organic form of this is a reply to another comment. For instance, if a group member expresses an interest in learning more about your area of expertise, you can share your event as an educational opportunity that fits their needs.

Be sure to follow group rules regarding promotions when you share your event. As a general rule, only market your event in ways that will benefit group members.

If you are charging for the event, you may want to offer a discount to group members.  For example, you might say, “Anyone looking for VIP tickets to [your event name]? Use promo code [XYZ] here for access: [insert a link to your online registration page]. Direct message me if you have any questions.”

3: Send direct messages to targeted event candidates.

Leverage your LinkedIn network by directly messaging connections you think would be interested. You can send mass direct messages (also noted as “DM” in shorthand) to save time; though you should be careful not to make the note seem impersonal. Important invitees should always receive a personalized message.

If you have a premium account, you can use LinkedIn to send direct messages to anyone, even individuals outside your network. This feature allows you to target attendees based on demographics or their group membership.

LinkedIn for event marketing

For your next event, add LinkedIn to your social media marketing strategy to attract new attendees and boost revenue. Not sure how to manage multiple social networks? Read our guide to dynamic social media marketing.


Alex Jarett is Founder & Executive Director of the Technology Executives Club. For more marketing tips from Alex, visit his blog: www.itmarketingtips.com

Want to share your tips with our audience? Contact us submit a guest article to SignMeUp’s Online Event Registration blog.

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