5 Ways to Go Green with Your Race

Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash

Feel like you need to do some spring cleaning?

Going green can help make your race more attractive to registrants and sponsors, while reducing costs for your event. Being eco-friendly gives you an edge over competing events, provides more ways to interact with your sponsors, and saves money on printing. Use these 5 ways to make your events greener and more memorable for your racers.

1) Ditch printing out 100s of paper registration forms.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t have a mail-in form. Instead of leaving a stack of forms at the local running shops that might end up in the recycling bin, create one eye-catching poster for your event that will take people to your website.

Your website can have both an online registration option and a mail-in form available as a PDF.  That way, only those who really want to mail in a check will print the form.

2) Give away eco-friendly swag.

Do away with the plastic race bags. Instead, give out customized reusable drawstring bags showcasing your art and your logo to hold race t-shirts and other swag. Better yet, reusable bags are a great place to engage your sponsors and give them more exposure outside of your event day.

3) Put together a Green Team.

Work with your local recycling company to have them deliver recycling bins to your race site.  Enlist volunteers for a “Green Team” to encourage athletes to recycle and to clean up around the race site. Green Team members can be part of your race planning committee, focused on finding creative ways to make your event eco-friendly.

4) Offer a special parking area for cyclists.

If you draw a large local crowd to your event, create and advertise VIP parking for bikes! This may not work for “gear-heavy” events, but for running, walking, biking events, it is a fantastic way to encourage your participants to arrive in a more eco-friendly way. It also could greatly reduce the amount of parking congestion.

Give participants a secure place to leave their bikes up close to your event site. Place volunteer staff there to guard their bikes so they don’t need to worry about security during your event.

5) Become a certified green event.

A number of events across the US have chosen to become a certified green event. Research certifications and methods of recognition for going green in your area and add it to your advertising and branding.


Need fewer paper registrations to be more eco-friendly? SignMeUp.com makes signing up online easy for race events and more. Contact us here for more information.


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