The Gift of Promo Codes

sales promotion sign

Don’t let the weather fool you—the holiday season is here. You have a great opportunity to increase registrations for your event by giving the gift of promo codes to participants.

Promo codes are a great marketing tool that help gain exposure to your event and bump up registration numbers. Create holiday-themed promo codes, and share your codes through email, social media, or on your website to let participants know about your upcoming deals.

Here are a few examples of how you can incorporate promo codes in your event marketing this holiday season:

No Processing Fee Promotion
For a limited time, offer to waive the processing fees for your participant’s online registrations.

Example:  Register by November 30th and use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to waive all processing fees.

Appreciation Promotion
Promo codes are the perfect gift for your loyal participants and members. Say thank you for their support by giving them a discount on their registration for an upcoming event.

Example: We are so grateful for your support over the years. To say thank you, register for this year’s [Event Name] during the month of December to receive 50% off your order total. To receive this discount, use promo code HappyHolidays at checkout.

Early Bird Discount Promotion
Promo codes are another way to promote online pre-registration. Provide incentive to drive participant registration by offering a discount through a certain date.

Example: SNOW (EARLY!) BIRDS DISCOUNT! Register by January 1st for $5 off! To receive this discount, use promo code CHEERS at checkout.

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