5 Tips for Building Better Online Registration Forms

As SignMeUp’s Support Department team manager, I have helped hundreds of clients create countless online event registration forms.  Some clients easily create terrific forms, while others seem to stress about the whole process.   To help make the experience painless, here is some advice on successful form building.

  1. When possible, copy rather than build forms.  If you have published a similar form, no need to re-create the wheel; rather, in the Create a New Form menu there is an option to copy a form.  You’ll need to enter a new event name, date, and contact details, but the rest of the information remains the same.  You’ll get a new form ID and link.  In fact, you shouldn’t ever use one form for multiple events, because registration data is retained for each form.
  2. Keep it simple.   Most registrants don’t have time to wade through pages of information and answer unnecessary questions.  Keep your form layout clean, using the “less is more” approach.  Use information topics just to reinforce the most important messages that are displayed on your website, which is where people likely will go to get event details.  Ask only questions that are necessary, and use mandatory questions sparingly.  Too many questions could lead to incomplete registrations.
  3. Check and double check prices and price change dates.  This tip may seem obvious, but believe me there have been quite a few forms over the years on which prices changed either too early or too late.
  4. Brand and customize your form to match your website.  Using the Edit Colors and Visual Settings tool in the Edit Form menu, you can change the form’s width, colors and fonts.  To change colors you’ll need to know hex codes, which is a numbering system used to define colors on the web (One of my trade secrets:  I find hex codes using a nifty little widget called Pixie that displays the hex codes of colors on the screen.).  Here are some remarkable forms that give you an idea of the level of customization that is possible:
  5. Contact us if you need help!  SignMeUp Support is available via email, phone (888-674-8048 x2), and live chat.  We are always happy to guide you through the process.

For additional help, visit the SignMeUp Resources page and download our Form Builder Tip sheet when creating your next form.

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