Enhancing Online Registration Security: 3 Simple Tips

After the recent Zappos security breach, in which hackers gained access to the personal information of 24 million Zappos customers (of which I am one), many articles were published on how to protect your online data.  Being in the business of online registration and credit card processing, SignMeUp obsesses over security.  However, many common security violations are not from hacking (as Matt Allen’s blog article says, it’s easy for the waiter to copy your credit card).  No matter how secure we are technically, if you’re sharing your username and password with your employees you are not protecting your own information.  Here are a few simple steps you should take on SignMeUp’s system that will enhance your – and your registrants’ – security.

1.  Password:  I’m sure that it’s been drilled into your head many times that you need to create a strong password and change it often.  But what makes a password strong, and how will you remember it anyway?  I found Microsoft’s Tips For Creating a Strong Password and thegeekstuff’s Ultimate Guide for Creating Strong Passwords particularly helpful in this regard.

2.  Access:  Rather than allow your entire office to use one SignMeUp username and password, you can provide different access levels to different individuals within your organization.  You can restrict editing capabilities as well as access to certain tools and reports and to payment account information.  To take advantage of this feature, contact SignMeUp’s Support Department.

3.  Link:  Using the correct format to link to your online form will ensure that registrants’ payments are made on a secure page.  The correct format, which is always http://www.signmeup.com/NNNNN (where NNNNN is your five digit form ID) is displayed after you publish your form and is in the Form is Ready email.

Do you have any other tips, or have you read any other good articles on online security?  Share them with us!

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