5 Tips for Better Broadcast Emails

Email is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to publicize your event and its online registration page.  However, considering the volume of email we all receive on a daily basis, is it really effective? The answer is yes, provided you follow some simple steps. To increase the chances your email will be delivered AND read, think about both its structure and its content.

1.  Subject line: not only does the subject need to be catchy, it needs to avoid words that are likely to be caught in spam filters. Most email marketing sites print lists of subject line no-nos (see the Vertical Response blog for a good one).

2.  Graphics:  keep to a minimum, as overuse of graphics also may trigger spam filters. Additionally, many recipients now read emails on mobile devices, which limit or eliminate graphics altogether.

3.  Length:  shorter is better. No need to overload your readers with information they can find elsewhere. Include links to your website and social pages where they can read more.

4.  Call to action: include at least one easily found link to your online registration form and ask people to register! Big “duh,” right? You’d be surprised.

5.  Incentive: consider offering a discount to register by a certain date.  SignMeUp’s coupon codes are easy to set up and communicate through broadcast email.

SignMeUp’s broadcast email tool is extremely simple to use to send emails to prior and current registrants. You can even spiff up your broadcasts with some basic HTML code.  Check out our 2 minute tutorial on how to use it.

What are your secrets to email success?  Share them here.

View Tutorial

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