Using LinkedIN to Increase Event Registration: 3 Great Tips

Alex Jarett is Founder & Executive Director of the Technology Executives Club

At the Technology Executives Club we have 14 events each year in the Chicago area (we use SignMeUp’s online event registration system for most of them!).  Although we have a steady customer base that attends regularly we need to bring in new attendees to each event.  LinkedIN is one of the tools that we use.  Here are three tips to using LinkedIN to get folks to come to your events:

Tip One:  At a minimum, post your event in the Events section of LinkedIN.  Do this far enough in advance to be able to promote the event once it’s posted.  Make sure you have a good, compelling headline that gets people interested in the event.  For example, instead of saying Security Seminar, we might say, “Learn Secret Security Tips of Top Hackers.”  Then in the body of the ad, we’d expand and say, learn this and more at the Security Seminar.  After you have compelling headline, be sure to share it with your network by posting you are attending, recommend it and share it.   You can also announce it to your first connections.  LinkedIN also has paid advertising on a PPC basis.  I haven’t had much experience with it yet, but it has a great advantage in being able to target your prospects.

Tip Two:  Post your event in groups.   Go to the groups that have the demographic members that you want to reach and post your event in the group announcements.  Be sure to read the group instructions to make sure there are no rules against this.  If you are charging for the event, be sure to offer a discount to each group member so you can track this and also give you a “reason” to post.  For example, you might say, “Hi everyone, thought everyone might appreciate a VIP ticket to XXX event.  Here’s a link about the event, or drop me a line if you have a question.”

Tip Three:  Here’s the best tip of all.  Send direct notes to very targeted event candidates.  Go in to advanced search and you’ll be able to find exactly the demographic target you are looking for.  Then go into the group itself and send the internal LinkedIN email to your candidates.  This system is time consuming, because you have to have your list open from the search AND the group open in a second window, but it works great because the list is very targeted.

Good luck!

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