Online Registration Verification – 3 Easy Tools to Use

One of most common online registration support questions is “Am I registered?”  We suspect many of you have the same experience.  You can reduce the number of these anxious questions by providing online tools to allow registrants to verify their own registrations – right from your website!  We now provide three ways for registrants to confirm they are registered for your event (in addition, of course, to instant screen and email confirmations).  Each of these is slightly different.  Here is a summary:

1. New!  Real-time online registrant lookup.  This tool allows registrants to verify – in real time – that they and their friends registered online for your event.  It’s easy to implement – just place the link (where NNNNN is your five-digit form ID) on your website.  Registrants can search your online registration data by first name, last name, email address, or confirmation code.  Text and fields can be customized by emailing our support department.  See it in action – complete a sample online event registration then immediately search for your online registration.

2. Online confirmation retrieval.  This tool sends a copy of the registrant’s confirmation email to the email address she used to register.  Again, it’s easy to implement – just place the link (where NNNNN is your five-digit form ID) on your website.  Use this tool especially if you require registrants bring a copy of their confirmation to event check-in.  If you used your own email address when you completed your sample registration, get a confirmation email copy.

3. Import searchable data.  This is a very flexible tool that allows you to upload a data file and create your own search webpage.  You can include whatever fields you want (for example, first name, last name, city, state, event category, etc.), and make any of those data points search fields.  Find the import tool in your Welcome menu under General Tools and Reports.  You will get the link to put on your website after you have created the page.  See an example.

What other helpful tools do you use?

10 tools to use - download the whitepaper

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