Sharing Online Event Registration – 3 Easy Options

What are the easiest, fastest ways to share your online event registration information on social networks?  Here are three quick options, and tips on how to make the most of them:

1. Post the link to your form plus a short description of your event to your Facebook wall directly from SignMeUp’s FormBuilder.   After you have published your form, you’ll see this:


When you click on [click here], a pop-up window will display (if you’re logged in to Facebook; otherwise you will need to log in).  You’ll have the option to add a personal message before posting to the link to plus the About This Event description to your Facebook personal wall.

Tip:   When creating your online registration form, keep the About This Event section to 149 characters or less, as this is the maximum number of characters that Facebook allows to display before inserting a …

2. Share the link to your online form to multiple social networks and email friends from the first page of the online registration form.  Every form displays the “Share” button in the upper right:

online registration form

Tip:  Registrants aren’t the only ones who can use the “Share” button!  You and your colleagues can share with your own friends and social networks.

3. Registrants can share the link to your form to their own social networks after they have registered.  Every screen confirmation displays a publish to Facebook link…

online registration confirmation

…as well as the same share button that displays on the first page of the online registration form.  The confirmation email also contains a link back to the screen confirmation, where registrants can access the share button after they have closed out their screen confirmation.

Tip:  Encourage registrants and other supporters to tell their friends about your event!  If your own website doesn’t already have share capability, every broadcast email can encourage your registrants and potential registrants to share from the first page of your online registration form.

How do you encourage your registrants to share your online registration form to their social networks?  Let us know your own tips!

We recently came across a helpful whitepaper, MarketingSherpa’s Top 5 Facebook Case Studies for 2010, and MarketingSherpa agreed to let us provide to to you for free.  For more great tips, check it out!

download the whitepaper

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