Online Fundraising in 4 Easy Steps

You already offer online registration.  Even if you don’t have a currently active online registration form on our system, now is the time to take the next step and incorporate online fundraising on behalf of your event’s beneficiary organization.  Setting up a fundraising campaign and asking your supporters to join is quick and potentially very lucrative as the campaign “goes viral.”   Here’s how to set one up in four easy steps using SignMeUp’s online Fundraising Campaign creation tool.  In the first three steps you will create a Givamajig, a widget that can be used to collect donations; in the fourth step you share the Givamajig with your supporters and invite them to either donate or become fundraisers themselves.  We’ve even created a short video tutorial to help you on your way!

1.    Choose the beneficiary organization, which must be a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit registered with the IRS.

2.    Describe your fundraising campaign’s goals and objectives, and input a target fundraising amount.  Your description will be shared by every fundraiser that decides to join your campaign (in other words, also raise money for the beneficiary), so the description should be concise and generic.  For example, “Raise funds for [Beneficiary organization name].  The money collected will be used to provide food and shelter for hundreds of needy families.”  You’ll have the opportunity to add a personal note in step 3.

3.    Personalize your Givamajig.  Add a note about yourself and your organization, a photo or logo, and your own personal fundraising goal.

4.    Share, share, share!  Post the Givamajig to your Facebook wall, email it to event registrants asking them to join your campaign, publish it on your organizations website!  Also – and this is key – include the link to join your fundraising campaign on your event registration form and in the screen and email confirmations.  If you need help editing your online registration form, feel free to contact us.

get the tutorial

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