Five Reasons Blogging Helps You Grow Event Registration

A few weeks ago I was talking with some event directors about the importance of having a strong social media strategy. One of the group members asked, “What is the best social media platform to use?” My answer is always the same…the best platform to use is a blog.

Blogging may seem intimidating, but it’s one of the few social media platforms that can take your event from being once-a-year experience to a year-round, go-to resource for its participants.   Creating a blog is one of the easiest and most cost effective steps you can take to gain influence and event participation.

If you’re not convinced blogging is a good opportunity for your event, here are five reasons that blogging can help you grow event registration:

1.  Keeps You on Top of the Industry – Most events occur annually, and many event directors have full-time jobs outside of their event. Blogging keeps you learning about your community and how you can make your event better. Think of your blog as a creative and informative journal that keeps you focused and energized on making your event the best it can be.

2. Keeps Your Event Top of Mind – Blogging gives participants a reason to stay connected to your event year-round. It’s as simple as that. Most events are a one-day, once-a-year experience, meaning that most participants don’t think or interact with your event more than a few weeks out of the year (at best).  Creating a blog that shares educational, informational and entertaining content goes a long way toward helping your event gain stature in the always-crowded events space.

blogging for events

3. Builds Participant Knowledge – The more your event participants know, the more they invest. It’s a fact that whenever someone takes the time to learn something new, they connect at a much higher level with that topic. The more information you can share, especially insider or specialized industry or event information, the more your participants will connect with you.

4. Enables You to Become the Go-To Source – Think about the top websites you visit throughout the day.  You visit them because they have information you are interested in and you trust them above other websites.  Earning trust as an information source is powerful, and writing high-quality content that applies to your event’s audience is a way to earn participants’ trust. Once you gain that trust, it creates a bond few events have with their participants.

5. Strengthens Your Community – Three years ago, I started blogging for an event I produce. Despite a handful of websites covering the industry at a much higher level, every day I wrote short, entertaining and informative blog posts that connected with my event’s audience. Over the course of one year, the regular daily readership of my blog went from just five to over 1,800.  How does this relate to event participation? Instead of having five individuals talking about the event, we now have 1,800 individuals sharing our information on a daily basis. Our community grew, and strengthened, and it was all because of having a blog.

What is your experience with blogging?  Does your event have a blog?


‘Five Reasons Blogging Helps You Grow Event Registration’ is Part I in a three-part Blogging for Events series. Part II will discuss how to create a successful blog, while Part III will talk about measuring your blog’s success.

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