Four Ways to Grow Online Registration Through Facebook

How are you using Facebook to connect to your event registrants? Let’s “face” it – with 600+ million members, Facebook offers is a huge opportunity to connect to your participants and grow your online registration. But how?  Facebook can be intimidating for small businesses, and developing a Facebook presence can be time-consuming.  However, with a little attention and the right tools, you can use Facebook as an effective marketing platform to promote your event and get more online event registrations.  Here are four tips for making Facebook work for you.

1.  Change Your Landing Page from Wall to Welcome
When people who are not already fans search on Facebook for your event or your organization, what is the first page they see when they find your site?  Chances are, it’s your “Wall.”  Change that!  According to SocialBakers, which studies Facebook analytics, companies that have personalized and professional-looking Welcome pages are 38% more likely to grow their Facebook fan base, where visitors click the “Like” button, than if they land on the Wall.

2.  Put “Register Now” Links on Your Landing Page
Seems obvious, right?  However, it’s surprising how many events and organizations bury their links to online registration.   Make it easy for people to register!  On your Welcome page you can also allow visitors to sign up for a newsletter or get additional information right from Facebook.  Check out Fresh Air Sports’ Happy Girls Half for a terrific example of prominent registration links.

happy girls half

3.  Promote “Fan Only” Offers
When someone likes your Facebook page and becomes a fan, not only is that good for bragging rights (hey, my page has over 1,000 fans!), it’s a great way to spread the word about your event.  When a visitor likes your page, a link to your page is posted onfor fans only that fan’s Wall and distributed to that person’s friends.  And so on, and so on, and so on.  Fan only offers provide a terrific incentive for people to take the step and click your page’s like button.  You could, for example, offer special “Fan-Only” promotions, or even a discount to your event.

4.  Publish Images, Videos and Custom Content
There are several powerful reasons to publish images, videos, and custom content on your Facebook Welcome page.  First, your Welcome page can be a vehicle to promote your brand and reinforce your marketing message.  Matching your Facebook page to your website makes visitors comfortable enough to like your page and interact with your Facebook community. Moreover, event videos and photos are interesting, and the more interesting your content is the more likely visitors are to share it with their own friends.  The more people view your content, the better!

I can almost hear you – “these are all terrific ideas, but how do I implement them?  I have no money and even less time.”  You could hire a consultant to develop a custom Facebook Welcome page, but that would blow through your budget in a heartbeat.  Or, you can use an affordable online service such as my company, Social Candy, that enables you to create and edit your own Facebook Welcome page.  Social Candy has teamed up with SignMeUp to make it easy for you to promote your events and get registrations directly through Facebook. With the additional sales, the service, for about $25 a month, could pay for itself, and it takes only about a half hour to set up your new custom Welcome page.

How are you promoting your event through Facebook?

online registrations through facebook

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