Competitive Advantage in the Online Registration Market?

Online registration is a relatively new industry but has become very crowded and new competitors are popping up weekly.

I read an article recently by Barry Moltz published on Crain’s Chicago Business’ Enterprise City regarding company culture.  One of the five points made referenced how companies treat their customers and how customer service is a company’s only sustainable competitive advantage.

After 12 years of being in the online registration business it is clear to me that Barry is right. Event registration and online donation software is not rocket science but it does require being able to listen to and document customer needs. is by no way a custom software company.  We use SaaS to deliver online registration technologies helping our customers with their event management and charitable donation processes.

We know that the online registration, online donation or online membership Form may be the first point of contact between our customer and their constituent.  It is our responsibility to make sure that the consumer experience enhances that point of contact by converting a prospect to a customer or providing a retention tool that keeps a customer coming back.

In the end, everything we do from discussing online registration requirements to building online Forms to handling registration inquiries is about customer service and it is a competitive advantage.

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