Online registration: Are your participants being hijacked?

Before Al Gore created the internet, which allows us to provide online registration services, events and event management companies relied on paper registration forms to collect data.  Many events today use online registration service providers that clutter up the online Form with advertisements and third party promotions that have nothing to do with the event and in some cases compete with existing event sponsors.  I have never seen a printer or design shop take advantage of their customers in such a way.

At we feel that the registration process is about our customers’ relationships with their event participants and event sponsors.  We spend a lot of time communicating to our client base the value in controlling the consumer experience and how to use the online registration process as a new channel of distribution to promote sponsor and partner goods and services.


If you are currently using or considering an online registration service you should ask the following questions during the review:

  1. Are there any banner ads on any page of the online Form?
  2. Are there any promotional messages within the online or on screen confirmation that are not related to the event?
  3. Will registrants be prompted to add products to their check out that are not related to the event?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you are about to let your online registrants be hijacked!

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